Some of our masterpieces

Sama (mobile apps + back-end + admin)

The project was made for both iOS and Android (1 app for the coach and 1 for the coachee), along with design and an admin panel. Everything has been made from scratch.

The application contains the following features :

  • Video session (like gmeet, zoom)
  • Chat messaging with text, audio and attachment messages
  • Calendar handling all the timezone
  • Matching algorithm
  • Booking
  • Leaderboard, with graphes

Type : B2B

Techno : Android Kotlin, IOS Swift, Node.JS, Angular.JS ...

Freebe (Apps + back-end)

The project was made for both iOS and Android, from scratch.

The application contains the following features :

  • Login
  • Client management
  • Profile management
  • Invoice management (you can upload an invoice by taking a picture if your wish)
  • Transaction management
  • Dashboard / analytics

The apps has been made in less than 1 month.

Techno : Android Kotlin, IOS Swift, Node.JS

Type : B2b for FR auto-entrepreneurs

Doordeck (mobile SDK)

The project was to build a SDK for mobile developers to be able to use the technology developed internally to be able to communicate with the doors, using the QR code.

The project was containing:

  • security / cryptography
  • a from scratch SDK
  • interaction with QR code & the back-end
  • Android SDK

The SDK has been built in 2 weeks.

Type : B2B

Expert teleportation (app on the glass + backend)

The client came to use in stress needing us to find a solution to make his app work on several connected glasses. : m100, m300 and realwear.

In a short period of time.

We used :

  • android SDK
  • AWS
  • Firebase

This project was a couple of weeks of work.

Type : B2B

Barnaby : mobile app

The project was to the mobile application for a startup in Paris, that provides informations about the bars and restaurants offering discount around you.

The project was containing:

  • android kotlin
  • ios swift
  • QR code
  • Payment (Stripe)
  • Google map

The apps were built in 2.5 months.

Type : B2C

Internet of Things

We have worked on many IoT projects for small businesses, big businesses but also dev agencies outsourcing their work to us.

As we a bit geek, we love working with those toys and build amazing innovative projects with them.

Most of our projects are using :

  • android SDK
  • android GDK
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Beacons
  • Glasswear (Google glass, M100, M300, Realwear)

Our final clients were big FR, UK, US companies (that has probably never heard about the amazing work we 've done for them !)

Type : B2B

Wango : mobile app + back-end+ admin

Wango is a dating application for gentlemen.

We built the mobile applications and the back in less than 3 months.

The applications uses :

  • Connexion with social providers
  • Matching
  • Book events
  • Messaging

Techno : Android Kotlin, IOS Swift, Node.JS , React.js

Type : B2C