About us

We are a small team of ten people with a passion for technologies and innovations with
extensive expertise and experience in creating high performing mobile and web apps.
Our first objective is to fully understand your business and its needs,
challenges and constraints to allow a constructive dialogue between us.

When we go out of the lab

We try to be active in the startups & tech scene
by sharing our passion and having fun !


We have been mentoring entrepreneurs on tech subjects


We have organised tech events to discuss about new technologies and innovation.


We like hackathons (tech contests). We have won few of them #makeitrain


Exceeding Expectations

Our work is not only what you see. The hidden part of the iceberg is the most important one for the stability.

Long term vision

We don't do any compromise on the quality. We build a solution what is solid from day one so you don't have to worry.

Your tech team

As your tech team, we will give you technical advices so you can make the right decisions.


“Guillaume and his team are a pleasure to work with. Problem solvers, professional, responsive. I would recommend working with Guillaume to anyone.
Highly recommend!"

MYra, CEO, Sama

“I 've worked with Innova labs for the past year and am always catching myself thinking 'WOW' when it comes to their developer and overall tech skills. Their speed, efficiency and perfectionism is shown in their work everyday.”

lyle, CEO, mycape

Let's Work Together

Let's discuss about your project and see if we can hep you realise your dream

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It's quite pricey for 4 weeks of work. How come ?

To be able to build a fully working MVP in only 4 weeks the Bootnow team and ours are working very hard on the project during that period so you could have a fully working product in no-time. Around 5 people are involved full time on your project.

Which technologies and tools are you using and setting up ?

The prototype is made on Figma.
The mobile application is made using react native, firebase, and Strapi/forest admin.
We also set up Google Analytics and Mixpanel for the tracking / KPI part.
We will also set up a firebase for doing some A/B testing.

How flexible can the project be?

We are making sure that you can update the icons, contents and colors from the admin panel, so you don't need us to make any chances.
The admin panel is also there for you to administrate all the data of the application (see/modify all the users for instance)

Can I re-use the code made ? 

Definitely !
We are building a qualitative code that you can re-use to add more features later on, without any struggle.

When do I have to pay ?

The payment is split in 3 times .
20% is paid upfront, when starting the initial work.
20% is paid when you validate the prototype.
60% is paid when the project is done.

We protect your data and personal information
We do not share any information about your business without your consent.
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