Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get started 🤓

Here is a list of the questions we often get from our clients when they first reach to us

How much does my project cost ?

There is no universal answer. And for the same project , the price varies between an agency to another, depending of the size of it and the location.
For our case, we help you to set your project on a document (specification) so we can have a detail overview of your project so we can provide you a precise estimation of the cost.
Preparing this document can take days and once we have the final version of it wWe tend to provide an estimation of the cost within 1 week , after discussing about your project with all the team.

We cannot give you a proper estimation before knowing all the details of your project but usually for a fully working project, the price starts at 10k EUR.

How long does my project take to develop?

Here again, there is no universal answer. All the projects are different. But from our previous project we can say that projects vary between 2 weeks to 4 months, for a project from scratch (web or mobile on both platfom), the admin part and the server.

Can you re-use or sell my project ?

Nope. What we build is for you and only you. We cannot reuse any business logic regarding your business for another project.
Also, we don't speak or give any details of your project to anyone. Those informations are usually written in the contract we setup before launching the project together.

On the other hand it happens we re-use some generic components such as a login screen , profile, etc. Otherwise it will be hard for us to work :)

I need a top quality project, for cheap in no time. Can you make it ?

We are no magician and the 3 at the same time is impossible. And personally we HATE compromising on the quality (we might not accept the project is you wish so).
We can find other compromises to reduce the dev time (features to implement, use other tools, etc...) .
Good quality of work has a price and take time. Having a solid project is important so you don't have to worry when scaling or moving forward with your business.

I know what I want but I don't speak tech. How we do ?

It's okay ,we are used to it and we are here to help you put your idea on a document. You don't have to worry about the technical part. We will handle that part and pick the right tools for you, your business and your budget as a CTO would do for you.
You can consider us a your tech team until you get one . You are saved !

It's quite pricey for 4 weeks of work. How come ?

To be able to build a fully working MVP in only 4 weeks the Bootnow team and ours are working very hard on the project during that period so you could have a fully working product in no-time. Around 5 people are involved full time on your project.

Which technologies and tools are you using and setting up ?

The prototype is made on Figma.
The mobile application is made using react native, firebase, and Strapi/forest admin.
We also set up Google Analytics and Mixpanel for the tracking / KPI part.
We will also set up a firebase for doing some A/B testing.

How flexible can the project be?

We are making sure that you can update the icons, contents and colors from the admin panel, so you don't need us to make any chances.
The admin panel is also there for you to administrate all the data of the application (see/modify all the users for instance)

Can I re-use the code made ? 

Definitely !
We are building a qualitative code that you can re-use to add more features later on, without any struggle.

When do I have to pay ?

The payment is split in 3 times .
20% is paid upfront, when starting the initial work.
20% is paid when you validate the prototype.
60% is paid when the project is done.

Other 🤔

Beyond the development process.

How does the payments work ?

You don't have to pay the full price upfront , don't worry. We usually ask to a 10-20% of the project when starting, then around 10-20% after each sprint, when you validate the process done and you are happy with the work done.
The idea is to have paid the 100% when the project is live and fully working.

I got a developer onboard. How can (s)he re-use what you've built ?

We want you to think we are your tech team until you get one. What we build is for you and have to be able to be reused & improved by your team. Otherwise our job is not complete.
We usually provide a documentation about the project with the architecture and the tools we used, with the access to them.
We will obviously onboard your developer on the project the same way someone join your team.
Our work does not stop when the development is done.

Any burning questions ? 🔥 Drop us an email 👇